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Cafe DON

Cafe of nostalgic "That era"
Founded in 1951, it is the coffee shop which is open from oldest in the alpine. Cheese cake made ​​Sendai is also popular now. With delicious coffee! Please enjoy.
Cafe DON

My shop’s thrilling goods

  • Hot sandwich
  • Roasted tea pudding
  • Custard pudding
  • Apple Pie
  • Cheesecake
  • Coffee

Master that have been popular in the compatibility of Donmasu. Delicious coffee and a nice conversation. I have also tourists visiting many times to seek the atmosphere of the master of personality and shops. Proud of homemade pudding (custard pudding, roasted tea pudding), homemade cheese cake super popular commodity followed in ´65 from Sendai. As it is to leave the coffee shop a nostalgic Showa style. Why do not the good old memories "that era".

Shop Overview

Cafe DON

Address 2-52, Hommachi, Takayama-city, Gifu, 506-0011, Japan
TEL 0577-32-0968
Opening Hours 7:30~22:00
Closed Days Tuesday (the beginning of the month, the end of the month I excluded)
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