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Paper Cut Garelly Yoshimoto

Be fascinated when you see once, the world of paper cutout that Yoshimoto make.
In painting style of "Japanese Modern", exhibition in domestic first-class department stores and Western, expand the exhibition, domestic, of course, is the owner Artists Gallery of "NozomiSatoe writer Yoshimoto Aida" also with a lot of fans in Europe and the United States. In recent years, 40% of sales close is your Western.
Paper Cut Garelly Yoshimoto

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Once you look at Once, more and more go... is drawn to attractive "what about it, trotting in this mind, nostalgia, the warmth."
Cutout of Yoshimoto is, more and more fascinated fans during surge also those of foreigners. Cutout Art of Hida Takayama is gave birth Yoshimoto. Please take a look.

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Paper Cut Garelly Yoshimoto

He held a solo exhibition at the United States, Colorado Denver.

Address 2-53-3, Hommachi, Takayama-city, Gifu, 506-0011, Japan
TEL 0577-32-0587
Opening Hours 10:00~18:00
(Sunday or holiday last day until 17:00)
Closed Days Tuesday
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