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Jewelry Accessories Ishikoro-kan

Shops such as full jewelry box is natural stone accessories.
I stocks a number of natural stone accessories. I will examine it you to fit power stone free with date of birth. Feel free to staff ! Why do not you try if there is Tour of the nice stone us?
Jewelry Accessories Ishikoro-kan

My shop’s thrilling goods

  • Tiger Eye
  • Power Stone
  • Store interior

It is feel free to put shops regardless of gender age.
The most popular , happiness , fortune , and lead to love luck , Tiger Eye.
And , fortune rise , amulet , of shade misfortune power stone . Date of birth , zodiac sign , and then select a power stone had to You to ask the Chinese zodiac. Nice gift select staff will help you.

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Jewelry Accessories Ishikoro-kan

Address 2-50, Hommachi, Takayama-city, Gifu, 506-0011, Japan
TEL 0577-36-7377
Opening Hours 10:00~18:00
Closed Days None
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