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Surugayauoichi Honmachi shop

I ´m supermarket ...
I´m actually sights!
Was opened in 1933 in the land of Hida Takayama is a grocery store. The goods of safety and security as well, is "your refrigerator", also is "your kitchen" and as much as possible not hesitate to grocery store of long-established looking to shop who can over your voice from our customers.
Surugayauoichi Honmachi shop

My shop’s thrilling goods

  • I heard the local shipping
  • Souvenirs in the supermarket price
  • Popular of the fruit to tourists
  • Popular and sweets to foreigners
  • Hida of tofu is very popular
  • Sweets and back to the hotel

Local customers ´m a course, but our shop, it ´s a very popular to tourists at home and abroad. Hida of specialty products, fresh fruits and vegetables, and breakfast at the hotel. I can ask for a happy food at a reasonable price. Our shop is very good value because it is super!

Shop Overview

Surugayauoichi Honmachi shop

Address 2-13, Hommachi, Takayama-city, Gifu, 506-0011, Japan
TEL 0577-33-5058
Opening Hours 9:00~18:30
Closed Days A day, seven days a week
(it is also the case of the temporary closing)
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