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Miscellaneous goods and furniture COREO

Also a lot customers to continue to buying !
The "that Fureae with nature while at home" concept, ... furniture can feel the warmth of nature is, of course, you believe Once you have become accustomed to the shop where you and Interior, such as tableware and vases that you use every day meet.
Miscellaneous goods and furniture COREO

My shop’s thrilling goods

It is a specialty store that deals with PLAM of goods. The PLAM is a manufacturer to make a little cute interior accessories that take advantage of the warmth of wood. Because it is the original design like no other, a lot of tourists that go to buying. Glance want become such products you see are lined full shops.

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Miscellaneous goods and furniture COREO

Address 2-8, Hommachi, Takayama-city, Gifu, 506-0011, Japan
TEL 0577-57-8852
Opening Hours 10:00~18:00
Closed Days Irregular
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