What makes Honmachi 2-chome a fun-filled spot

Fun No.1: Strolling along Honmachi with “Honmachi Rambling!”

From the mid-60s to mid-70s, at a time when terms such as Shopping Mall and Outlet Store did not exist, Honmachi 2-chome shopping street played a central role as a shopping location for the people in Takayama. Everything from trendy items to the latest products used to be available in Honmachi 2-chome shopping street, including fashion goods, music products, jewelery, sports goods, books, and daily necessities.

At the time, what the people in Takayama enjoyed most was strolling along Honmachi to enjoy shopping. Everybody called this “Honmachi Rambling.” They would say something like, “How about Honmachi Rambling today?" Now, we are envisioning “Honmachi Rambling for tourists.”

  • 本町をブラブラ歩く「本ブラ!」
  • 本町をブラブラ歩く「本ブラ!」

“Strolling along Honmachi to see the sights = Honmachi Rambling”

Let tourists discover a variety of enjoyment through Honmachi Rambling. For this, Honmachi 2-chome shopping street has ample charm. Please be sure to enjoy “Honmachi Rambling” when you come to visit Hida Takayama. A shopping experience that your town cannot provide is waiting for you!

Fun No.2: Shops are bursting with individual characteristics!

Honmachi 2-chone shopping street is an old-style, shopping arcade. Now that you are familiar with large commercial facilities like shopping malls, don't you feel that an old-style shopping street is a little outdated and humble? But that is not the case with Honmachi 2-chome shopping street. It is so much fun!

What is so fun about it? Honmachi 2-chome shopping street offers a wide variety of goods, and each shop carries totally different commodities from other shops. Although it may sound exaggerated, the joy of shopping is entirely different from that at large specialty souvenir shops where a whole bunch of look-alike goods are lined up.

  • 商品
  • 商品
  • 商品

Please take a peep at each shop one by one! You will find various goods, delicious cuisine and foods that cannot be found elsewhere, as well as an old familiar atmosphere, show-cases with a Showa-era feel, a stylish atmosphere, and lively conversation with sales staff, etc. The fabulousness of great individuality can be found at 55 shops in 55 different ways.

Encounters and enjoyment that will warm your heart are waiting for you!

  • 商品
  • 商品
  • 商品

Fun No.3: Impressive coexistence of Then and Now!

In Honmachi 2-chome shopping street, some shops were founded 90 years ago while others opened recently. A good point of Honmachi 2-chome shopping street is that “Shops that have been selling the same old goods by the same old people ever since the Showa era.” Another good point of Honmachi 2-chome shopping street is, "Fashionable shops that exactly match the sensibilities of young people.” Honmachi 2-chome shopping street demonstrates an impressive coexistence of Then and Now”.

You can experience both a modern and a Showa-era atmosphere in a single shopping street. It is the pride of Honmachi 2-chome shopping street that you can never experience elsewhere, such as in tourist spots.

Fun No.4: Closeness to well-known sightseeing spots!

A charm of Honmachi 2-chome shopping street is its closeness to well-known sightseeing spots. Immediately on the south side of the shopping street are “Takayama Jinya,” “Jinyamae Asaichi,” and “Nakabashi.” Cross the Kajibashi Bridge, which is in the north corner of the shopping street, and then turn to the left to find “Miyagawa Asaichi.” The “Old town-scape” is found immediately after crossing the Ikadabashi Bridge in the south corner. Takayama Museum of History and Art is approximately a 5-minute walk to the east from Kajibashi Bridge.

  • TAKAYAMA Jinya

    TAKAYAMA Jinya"

  • Jinyamae Asaichi

    Jinyamae Asaichi

Please be sure to visit Honmachi 2-chome shopping street, together with the representative tourist spots of Hida Takayama, and fully enjoy the charms of Honmachi 2-chome shopping street, are somewhat different from the tourist spots.

  • Miyagawa and Nakabashi

    Miyagawa and Nakabashi

  • Miyagawa Asaichi

    Miyagawa Asaichi